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5 SEO techniques that no longer work today

by ghulammohd1 ghulammohd1

Search engines, including Google, regularly change their algorithms to provide the best results for their users. SEO techniques are also evolving.

What worked a few years (months) ago may not work or even penalize you today. We take stock of 5 methods that are obsolete today with an infographic from SEMrush.

Bet on volume backlinks

A while back, having a lot of inbound links to a page was a good signal for Google. It was promoting your site. It was therefore sufficient to register in as many directories as possible, to write comments on articles only to take advantage of the link, etc.

Right now, you need to remove this technique from your SEO strategy. It will no longer allow you to rank in the top search results of Google. Indeed, aware of this flaw, Google has taken into account the quality of the link. It has even gone further: any inbound link that does not meet its guidelines is considered poor quality. It may therefore result in a penalty for your site.

Create content in bulk without worrying about quality

Today, just because a site offers thousands of pages does not mean that it will be ranked in the first results. What matters above all is the quality of the content, plus its quantity. 

This means that multiplying very short articles, taken from other sites (duplicate content) will have no positive impact on your site. You need to have a real unique content creation policy in place.

Build backlinks with press releases

It is a bit in the vein of the first point, Google wants to fight against the purchase of links to improve its SEO. You can therefore no longer count on the links obtained through this means.

You can continue your communication through this. You will need to ensure that all links in these articles are nofollow so as not to penalize yourself.

Choose only high traffic keywords

To build an SEO strategy, you will perform a keyword research to optimize on your website. So far nothing abnormal, on the contrary. A common mistake is to focus on highly searched keywords to quickly bring a lot of traffic to your site.

The problem is, who says high traffic keyword, says very competitive keyword. In this case, to hope to position itself in the first results of Google, you do not need a classic and recent site. It takes an old site that has been working for SEO for a long time.

It is better to seek to position yourself on less competitive keywords (we speak of long tail keywords). Since they are easier to work with, you will be able to use more. Thus, little by little, you will forge your legitimacy for the more competitive keywords.

Separate your SEO and marketing strategies

To be well referenced today, on-site technique and optimization are no longer sufficient. We must also use social networks and create regular content. Most of your content marketing actions will be able to have a positive effect on your SEO. It is therefore important that they are thought of together.

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