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Advertising on Google Maps for your business

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Proximity advertising on the internet is particularly effective for businesses and it appeals to internet users who quickly find what they are looking for around them.

Launched in 2005, the Google Maps mapping service used by more than a billion people around the world seems ideal for launching your local advertising campaign.

Why be locally visible for your business

Whether it is for a trader, a craftsman, an SME / VSE or a larger company, being locally visible on the internet makes it possible to find new customers for sure and to stand out from the competition  who surely do not yet use this platform for serving ads.

97% of Internet users search online to find a local business

Indeed, local digital advertising is much more qualitative than most advertisements on the internet because of its targeting. Although the number of Internet users targeted is smaller, their intention in terms of consumption is much stronger.

73% of local mobile searches result in an offline purchase

Be visible on the Google Maps of your future customers

Local ads will allow you to generate visits to your premises, to your website or to receive calls.

They also allow your prospects to get to know your business better , which will allow them to gather useful information when they decide to buy.

How to promote your business on Google Maps

Advertising on Google Maps is possible for all businesses, regardless of their industry.

However, in order not to waste your budget unnecessarily on a poorly configured campaign, it is advisable to surround yourself with web marketing professionals who can set up effective and efficient campaigns.

Launch your local advertising campaign on the Internet

Call on professionals

First of all, it is necessary to have a Google Ads account and set it up , then to include location extensions on your ads.

At the same time, you must have created a Google My Business listing and it must be up to date.

Advertising formats available on Google Maps

Sponsored Pins

On Google Maps, it is possible to directly target Internet users looking for a type of business

A purple Sponsored Pin will appear on the map (instead of a classic red pin) and your business is placed first in search results .

During a search, your ad is shown first and a purple pin appears

Local inventory searches

This ad format, particularly suitable for local physical stores , allows you to display the inventory of the products you offer in a localized manner.

With local inventory, your prospects are sure of the availability of the product they are interested in on your premises.

Associated with a Shopping campaign, this ad format is suitable for a “web to store” strategy , ie to encourage Internet users who are nearby to come and visit you at your point of sale.

The personalized business page

With your Google My Business profile, your business can view a list of the products and / or services you offer.

This customizable page allows you to display a lot of information (phone number, website, opening hours, photos, etc.) and will also allow you to display a personalized advertisement.

All the useful information about your business appears on the personalized Google Maps page

What cost to your business

Ads on Google Maps are billed at cost per click .

Clearly, you only pay when your prospects click on your ad, either to obtain geographic information, to consult your website, to obtain an itinerary, or to call you directly from the ad with their mobile. In addition, you are sure not to spend more than your daily budget set-upstream.

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