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Best e-commerce platforms

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An e-commerce platform is an online software system that allows a person to buy and sell any product, these platforms offer their users design templates that facilitate the creation of an online store, different payment methods that offer customers ease at the time of making a purchase.

In addition to this, they offer the user a database and statistics that offer them the necessary information about their best-selling, most visited products and thus focus on a more beneficial business model.

Platforms to create a free virtual store

A free ecommerce platform , also known as Open Source platforms, are pages that offer the sale and purchase of products online, these open source platforms offer a great variety of possibilities when creating our online store.

These open source platforms do not generate any type of expense but it is necessary for the user to have some kind of experience in terms of the technical knowledge involved in maintaining these pages, their functionalities also vary depending on the type of service or product you offer.

Five e-commerce platforms


Shopify is the best ecommerce platform par excellence since according to the experience of the users, it has been highly rewarding, since it has a really low initial fee, in addition to the fact that Shopify does not require hosting because its platform saves all your information directly in the cloud.

The creation of an e-commerce through Shopify is quite simple and intuitive, so creating an online store is usually easy and does not require programming, in addition to offering a wide variety of customizable templates, which can be adjusted to the language that want to expand your business globally.

The shopify team offers you technical support at all times, which is a great advantage for sellers and other users.


It is a platform to create a small or medium-sized virtual store. It is open source or Open Source, so it offers a wide variety of easy-to-use options.

The biggest advantage of prestashop is that it is a free platform with a very good loading speed which allows the customer a better experience.

The complication of this platform is that it is necessary for the user to require programming knowledge to create better product files, in addition to the fact that payment systems can present failures according to what many clients have reported.


This platform is dedicated  to stores that require a wide catalog of products to offer.

It allows payment with multiple currencies and means of payment, in addition to having a multilanguage system.

Due to the fact that the code it handles is heavy and complex, this presents a great disadvantage for users, since they are forced to have an experienced professional for the creation of ecommerce, in addition to hiring this service at the beginning can become expensive as well as server maintenance.


This platform is also widely used since it integrates the service of a popular website such as WordPress.

This page is made for small catalogs, in addition to allowing different forms of payment and shipping for the articles, although the configuration of a virtual store on this platform is not very simple, so we will require an external professional if we do not have experience in the topic.


This is also an open-source platform. It offers great power and a wide variety of functions to personalize your online store; The platform is quite intuitive to use as it simplifies the page creation process, although some customization themes look dated.

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