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Facebook advertising: why should you change your visuals?

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When you create a Facebook ad and it gives good results, you would be tempted to think that it is better to leave it running without doing anything. Still, this is not a good idea. Find out why.

What is advertising fatigue

When you create an ad on Facebook , you will define a target to address your message to. 

When someone in your target connects, they’ll see your Facebook ad for the first time, then a second, then a third … After a while, with too much repetition, weariness will set in. Results: she will not even pay attention to it, or worse, she will get annoyed and choose to hide it, report it or write a negative comment.

This advertising fatigue is all the more true on Facebook because it should not be forgotten that users are not there to buy products or services. Facebook is a social network that we use to stay in touch with our friends and family. We can also follow Facebook pages that we like (our favorite personalities, sports clubs …).

The user has not solicited the advertisements that appear in their news feed, they are subjected to them. A 2013 IFOP study showed that already at the time 62% of French people did not like advertising on social networks.

Why is this bad for you?

You might think that it doesn’t really matter if people get annoyed at seeing the same ad too often. But this has a direct effect on your ad account: Facebook detects that its users are ignoring your ad.

This sends a negative signal that penalizes your account, seen as underperforming the average.

Your cost per click will therefore increase and you will get less results for the same budget or you will have to increase your budget to maintain an equivalent click level. 

How to fight advertising fatigue

Fortunately, it is easy to fight against this phenomenon by regularly changing the visuals of your advertising campaigns .

The advantage is that you can opt between advertisements with a single photo, carousels, videos … You can therefore quite easily decline your existing visuals in other formats.

Also remember to simply vary the images used for the same advertisement, this will allow you to test what your audience is more receptive to.

Here is an example of the same advertisement declined in several versions with a different image from Potager City. Here the image and the message embedded in it vary between versions but the text of the advertisement remains the same.

How often do you change your visuals?

No advertiser can escape this phenomenon. But the smaller the target audience, the sooner you will reach the point of exhaustion.

You can detect that your visuals are running out of steam by monitoring several indicators such as the drop in the click-through rate, the increase in CPM (cost per thousand displays) or CPC (cost per click).

You can also in certain types of campaigns, manage the repetition of your ads, start by testing a repetition of 3 or 4 in 7 days. This value is to be refined according to your target.

Need to change your Facebook ads?

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Other techniques to fight advertising fatigue

You can implement other techniques to prevent your ads from tiring your audience.

The first strategy is to decrease your daily budget, which will lower your repetition rate for ad sets where it is not configurable. 

You can also make changes to your audience:

  • by offering your ad to new audiences to see which one works best,
  • by expanding your audience to slightly cooler prospects.

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