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How does internet advertising work?

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You may have heard of Google Ads. This is the paid advertising program that allows you to gain more visibility for your business, thanks to advertising campaigns that are based on a system of keyword bidding on the most used search engine in the world.

Google Ads keyword bidding basics

Do you want to create an internet advertising campaign for your business via Google Ads? To achieve your goals, you need to choose relevant keywords on which you want to be visible on Google. Thus, with each search carried out on the search engine, Google’s algorithm will analyze all your keywords in order to choose the one that it deems most relevant to the search to display your ad.

The one who pays the most for the click is in front of the others

In addition to this keyword filtering, the advertising platform uses an auction system that allows Google’s robot to determine the ad that will be displayed at that precise moment, in this advertising space . Primarily based on the quality score of the ads served, this system works on the basis of the price advertisers are willing to pay to be served.

So, to have a good ranking in Google search results thanks to Google Ads, it is important to choose the right keywords and to define the best bidding strategy. Depending on the type of your campaign and depending on your goals, you can opt for one of the following strategies:

  • The Cost Per Click (CPC) auction;
  • The Cost Per Thousand Visible Displays (vCPM) auction;
  • The Cost Per Action (CPA) auction;
  • The Cost Per View (CPV) auction.

You have to find the right keywords to avoid wasting money!

The Cost Per Click auction

This cost-per-click (CPC) bidding strategy is very effective in attracting more visitors to your site in order to boost your click-through rate, which is essential for good positioning in search results and increasing your traffic. The advantage is that it allows you to set yourself the maximum amount that you can be charged each time someone clicks on your ad and accesses your site.

In a CPC strategy, you therefore have the possibility of defining different bids for specific keywords or placements , while setting the amounts according to the relevance of each keyword. For example, if you run an Italian restaurant in Paris, you might set a high budget for bidding on the most effective keywords such as “Italian restaurant Paris” or “Italian restaurant Paris”, and lower for words less relevant keys like “Italian culinary specialty”.

Auction at Cost per Thousand Visible Displays

This advanced bidding option works almost the same as manual CPC bidding. This allows you to create bids for each of your ads or for specific placements in Google ad spaces.

However, to prioritize your ad over the closest competing ads, Google Ads automatically sets your bids , especially when your campaign only targets the Search Network. However, in the event that your campaign primarily targets the Display Network, you have the option of setting the maximum amount you’ll be willing to pay per 1,000 visible impressions of your ad in search results pages.

The Cost Per Action auction

As with CPC and vCPM auctions, this option lets you tell Google Ads the maximum amount you’re willing to pay for a conversion. With this cost per action (CPA) auction system, you will be billed based on the specific actions that visitors take on your website. Thus, Google Ads charges you only when a visitor clicks on your ad and purchases a product or subscribes to a newsletter for example.

The Cost Per View auction

This auction type is ideal for TrueView video campaigns. Based on the number of views generated, this so-called CPV (cost per view) auction optimizes the visibility of your visual content. In this Google Ads auction system, you will only be charged for viewing and other interactions your ads generate :

  • Clicks on call-to-action;
  • Clicks on files and associated banners;
  • Comments and subscriptions …

So when you post a Discovery TrueView video ad, you will be charged if the viewer clicks on the thumbnail or title of your video and triggers it to play.

The keyword bidding system is configured so that the advertiser with the highest bid will not consistently rank first. When you participate in the auction process, your ranking will be determined based on your maximum CPC (cost per click) and the quality of your ad.

Indeed, to define the position and the advertising space corresponding to each advertiser, the Google robot uses the following formula: ranking of the advertisement = maximum CPC bid x quality of the advertisement .

The quality of the ad (quality score) takes into account the expected click-through rate, the relevance of the ads, and the usability of the landing page. Thus, an advertiser who offers a maximum CPC of 3 euros and an ad rated at 8/10 will therefore be better ranked than one who offers a maximum CPC of 5 euros and an ad rated at 5/10.

Multimed Solutions the solution to manage Google Ads campaigns

It is very important to give importance to the writing of your ads and the quality of their content in order to have the best possible ranking. To do this, you can be accompanied by a competent web agency such as Multimed Solutions, which offers you a professional team specializing in the management of Google Ads campaigns . This will support you in all the technical aspects related to your Google Ads ad:

  • Choice of keywords;
  • Exclusions;
  • Targeting and optimization;
  • Adaptation of campaigns …

With our bespoke professional services, you’ll easily be able to produce quality ads for your business and rank well in Google search results.

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