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How to advertise on well-known websites

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Advertising online on websites that receive many visits is within the reach of all VSEs / SMEs and does not necessarily require a significant budget. This is why Display advertising offers certain advantages for being visible and communicating effectively with your current and potential customers.

What is display advertising?

In digital marketing, display consists of buying advertising space on the internet in order to display advertisements comprising graphic elements of different formats (banner, website wrapping, carousel, video, etc.).

These visual ads, which make it possible to arouse the interest and engagement of Internet users, have been used since the beginnings of online advertising and can be distributed automatically on mobiles, computers and tablets to a large or highly targeted audience depending on of your goals.

With an increase of 13% in 2019 according to the SRI e-pub Observatory , Display campaigns allow you to choose the location on which your advertisement will be displayed, on a particular site, or even to reach an audience specific, regardless of which site she visits.

Thus, it is possible to take advantage of the strong notoriety of certain websites to capture the attention of users and encourage them to interact with your business, even before they search for what you offer.

The cost of a campaign is based on an automatic bidding system which calculates the optimal bid in real time and which allows a precise monthly budget to be allocated which cannot be exceeded. Depending on your choice and your audience, it is possible to broadcast your ads through different platforms, accessible for all budgets.

Google Display

The Google Display Network allows you to take advantage of a huge network of websites (news pages, specialized blogs with high traffic) and Google sites like Gmail or YouTube.

At a lower cost than advertising on the search network , Display campaigns can increase awareness of your business by reaching your potential customers early in their buying cycles. Targeting can be used to show your ads in specific contexts (on a website related to your business, with a video that interests your target, when using an app) to different types of audiences in specific geographic areas.

In addition, they allow remarketing, a technique that makes it possible to reach Internet users who have already interacted with your company (visit to your store, your website, purchase, etc.), and offer them appropriate communication.

With the new modes of consumption in the digital age, it may be interesting for you to carry out an advertising campaign via the advertising network of the world’s leading search engine.

Facebook’s audience network

Still little known to users, the advertising network launched in 2016 by Facebook is expanding rapidly.

Like the Google service, the audience network allows you to buy advertising space on other partner websites and applications of the social network, to display your ads in the form of images, carousels or videos.

It allows your company to be able to broadcast your advertisements on different websites of Google network that integrates the targeting power of Facebook Ads (remarketing audience, similar audience …) and works on the same auction systems and measures. Thus, it is possible to choose different types of objectives for your campaign, to obtain more traffic on your website, increase your notoriety or even develop the number of your prospects according to your objectives.

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