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How to know the keywords used by Internet users to find you?

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If you manage your business website, you might want to know what keywords people have used to get to your website.

Here is an article that will help you analyze your keywords using two free tools from Google: Google Analytics and Google Search Console and OVH hosting statistics.

Finding your keywords on Google Analytics

It is possible to obtain the keywords used on search engines by Internet users to access your website from the Google Analytics interface.

Here is the path to use: Acquisition> All traffic> Channels.

Once on the channel board, click on Organic Search (this is the channel that contains all of your natural traffic). 

The problem is that with the switch to https, most accesses to your website are counted as (not provided) or (not set).

But all is not lost, if your Analytics account is linked to your Search Console account, you can retrieve user queries on Analytics.

Go to Acquisition> Search Console> Queries.

Organic keywords in Google Analytics

Search Console queries in Google Analytics

Finding your keywords on Search Console

You can also find your keywords on the Search Console interface.

To do this, go to Performance> Queries.

By default you will see the expressions that have been used during the last 3 months but you can go back up to 16 months.

You will get the number of clicks and the number of impressions, the click-through rate (CTR) and the average position of your site on the query.

Example of Search Console organic keywords

Finding your keywords in the OVH logs

Finally, if, like us, you are hosted by OVH, you can access information on your organic keywords in the Urchin statistics.

Go to Marketing Optimization> Search Engine Marketing> General Keyword Conversion.

Again unfortunately you will have most of the information in (not set).

How to use his information?

Now that you have the list of keywords that drive traffic to your website what to do with it?

Work on your SEO

If you find that keywords that seem interesting to you are not present, write articles or content pages on their theme. This is the only way to have a chance to appear in the search results.

You can implement a keyword strategy knowingly.

Optimize your meta description

If you’ve used information from Search Console, you may have noticed that your site is showing up in search results but people are not clicking.

To attract more people to your site, you can rework your meta description. These are the few lines that appear under your page title in search results. Try to adopt a more commercial speech to make Internet users want to consult your site rather than that of the competitors.

The meta description is available with plugins such as Yoast on WordPress and directly in your product page on Prestashop.

Optimize your site

Have you noticed on Google Analytics that Internet users who arrive on your site from interesting expressions do not convert? 

Redesign the content of your pages, work on your sales pitch and clearly highlight a CTA for example. You have to test things to try and improve your conversion rate.

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