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How to sell on Facebook / Instagram?

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Communication has a great participation in social networks and many of the sales are initiated by the interaction in some of them. If you want to start increasing your sales, you must know what to sell on Facebook? and what to sell on Instagram?

These platforms have aspects in common, as well as notable differences. Users who interact on them also behave in different ways, which is one of the reasons why the way products are offered differ.

How to sell on Facebook?

The Facebook social network has different ways of selling or marketing on its page, one of these is direct sales through personal publications; In this method, all your followers will be able to observe the objects you need to sell, allowing the opportunity to sell in bulk.

Another way to sell on Facebook is through its marketplace site, this platform has created its own space for personal and business users to market.

Ideas to sell on Facebook

  • Make a classification of the audience to which you want to direct your content taking into account age, geographical region, similar pages, profession, etc.
  • Maintain communication with the public directly by responding to comments and inviting them to generate an action.
  • Interact with the public that has characteristics similar to your brand.
  • Spend time using words that connect with the public and mention the characteristics of your products.
  • Check the number of people to whom your notifications reach, it is not desirable that the content reaches people who are not interested in the information.
  • When a person becomes a customer, it is necessary to exclude notifications for the same products, as it can be boring.
  • The filter is important on Facebook, practice cleaning users to avoid having followers outside the interests of the page.

How to Sell on Instagram?

Instagram has become one of the most used social networks to sell products. It is possible to make sales through the conventional publications of your personal account, both in the post and in the stories. You can place the images you want to market, adding their respective description.

Instagram offers the creation of accounts with business characteristics, this allows you to obtain a better evaluation of the users who follow you, which will help you apply the necessary marketing strategies that can help you have the reach you need in your publications to generate desired sales.

Ideas to Sell on Instagram

  • Invest time, money, and training to make impressive images, aimed at the desired audience.
  • Upload content frequently, taking advantage of the publications in a balanced way with the stories, which is a tool that increases interaction.
  • Use the appropriate hashtags in each publication, since these are a tool used by users to quickly and easily find pages that are of interest.
  • You should verify the reactions that the publications receive, since publishing a content in which only 10% of the followers react is a risk of falling into less popular publications.
  • Use images that provide as much information as possible, the goal is to make followers know more about the page in a single image.

These tips to create a virtual store on Instagram , using it in combination with the Facebook page , you will surely achieve the desired boost in the sales of your services or products.

A gift tip to enhance these platforms is to use both simultaneously to reach the desired audience by linking both accounts to have direct access to the brand’s networks.

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