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Increase your sales with Pinterest

by ghulammohd1 ghulammohd1

Pinterest is the social network for finding inspiration on all subjects: DIY, event organization, decoration, cooking, fashion, beauty, etc. Users save the Pins (visual + link) that inspire them on boards that they can organize as they wish.

Pinterest is therefore a social network that can allow your business to be known by new prospects. However, you will have to respect a sine qua non condition: invest to create attractive and very high quality visuals. Here are the steps to best use Pinterest for your business.

1- Create a professional account

As on all social networks, we recommend that you use a professional Pinterest account to publish your business content. It offers more features (statistics, access to advertising campaigns, etc.) and allows you to receive Pinterest best practices by email.

If you already have a personal account, you can turn it into a business account without losing any data.

2- Publish your best content

Pinterest is, like Instagram, an image-based network that people come to for inspiration. You should therefore only use high quality images or videos (preferably in 2: 3 portrait format).

Integrate your logo on your visuals to improve your notoriety.

Do not ignore the description of your visual. Use the 500 available characters (only the first 60 will have a chance to appear in the feed) and especially the link to your website that you can customize on each visual .

Use keywords

Include in your description the keywords that describe your product and will be likely to be used by those who will search for them. A Pinterest user looking for an idea for a new bag will enter the handbag search bar and then possibly complete it with other keywords like sewing, trend, design …

Classify your content in tables

Organize your tables like the different categories of your site or the different departments of your store.

If you sell leather goods, create tables for bags, for wallets, for purses, for suitcases …

3- Learn to identify future trends

Pinterest can also help you choose what future products to offer in your store. Just take a look at the search suggestions offered in your industry on the search engine. Proposals are based on keyword popularity and evolve in real time.

Let’s go back to our example of a leather goods store, search for bag and you will see the most popular types of bag at the moment. If you offer them in stores, you have a good chance of selling them quickly. 

4- Use advertising 

You can advertise to give your Pins better visibility.

You can choose many options such as the goal of your campaign, your budget, your targeting. You will thus reach new prospects for your business.

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