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Paper communication or digital communication for your company?

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As you have understood, multichannel communication is therefore the communication to favor if you want to reach your targets and obtain the best possible results.

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The ultimate mix is ​​the one that adapts the communication channels to each of your consumers since some will react more to digital communication and others to print communication.

Paper communication is not dead

The advent of the Internet since the 2000s foreshadowed the disappearance of paper communication. However, 17 years later, it is still an essential means of communication that even appeals to a few pure e-commerce players.

Faced with the saturation of email boxes, communication media distributed in letter boxes are now a good way to stand out from the competition effectively, even if the cost is higher. And the French remain attached to this traditional communication medium ( 2nd popular media after email and before SMS).

With paper communication, room for creativity

The wide choice of materials, formats, colors … offers so many ways to express yourself and let creativity speak. It will also be easier for you to let show a high-end positioning on paper compared to digital thanks to the proposed finishes (soft touch, selective varnish …).

Mailing, abandoned by more and more companies, (re) becomes a way to stand out from the crowd by communicating differently to your target audience.

A few easily customizable objects that are rarely used by companies such as envelopes, labels, postcards … also give a stronger impact to your communication and your business.

The paper catalog is also experiencing a comeback today. It is an excellent means of building loyalty that even ecommerçants (pixmania, cdiscount, la fnac …) no longer hesitate to use.

A perfect media mix: print & digital for complementary communication

There is too much of a tendency to oppose paper communication and digital communication. It is unthinkable to imagine a good 100% paper or 100% digital communication strategy. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, but above all all the studies show that the coupling of the two increases the results of all communication campaigns tenfold.

Even pure players (e-merchants without a physical store) send packages to their customers in which a flyer or a business card will fit perfectly.

Conversely, all paper communication faces space constraints; you can’t say everything, focus your message and link to your website for more information. QR Codes also simplify the transition from paper to digital media.

The strong rise in augmented reality should also strengthen the complementarity of media by making it possible to try out a piece of furniture or a decorative object directly at home, spotted in a catalog, for example.

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