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PVC cards: how to use them in your communication

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We use PVC cards almost daily (blue cards, loyalty cards, etc.). However, it is a means of communication little used by SMEs while it allows them to stand out from local competitors and offer a personal and privileged experience to their customers at a reasonable cost.

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The PVC card is the same size as a regular business card with rounded corners. Its thickness can vary from 200 to 760 microns (the thickness of a credit card). It is printed in four-color recto or recto / verso and laminated in mat or in gloss on classic finishes.

How to use the PVC card

The PVC card has many uses:

  • loyalty card (perfect for shops, ready-to-wear, hairdressing or beauty salons …)
  • very resistant business card (it does not crease and lasts over time)
  • pass for exceptional events
  • membership card (association, club, cultural center …)
  • identification badge (trade fair, concert, VIP area, etc.)
  • gift vouchers (ideal for shops and businesses for all occasions: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day …)
  • privilege user card
  • membership card
  • access badge (trade fairs, congresses, seminars, hotel rooms, etc.)
  • travel label

The different types of PVC cards

Basic PVC cards

They will allow you to list your customers, to retain them or to present your company. The basic PVC card can be used as a very strong business card, which will leave an impression of originality and good quality for your business.

The many original or high-end finishes will allow you to use them to give a very strong impact to your message. 

PVC cards with thermal transplanting

The thermal transplanting areas allow you to fully personalize your cards with a suitable printer.

Personal PVC cards

For PVC cards with personal information, you can choose to print the personal information or opt for an embossing (black, white, gold or silver) for a tamper-proof identity for more secure uses.

The PVC card can also be used as a loyalty card. Used without backing white, it will give a modern and refined style to your communication with a transparent or translucent card depending on the lamination chosen.

Possible finishes

Original finishes

Do you want to surprise, stand out and dare? These are the finishes made for your project!

The scratch-off ink finish allows you to use your PVC card as a support for a competition; ideal for establishing a close relationship with your customers.

The die cutting allows you to give the shape of your choice to your PVC card and so set up a unique image and very impactful. Associated with gold or silver gilding, it will give you a high-end and very qualitative image.

You can opt for a very original woven effect texture. It will give an artisanal and authentic look to your menu, perfect for artisans, small traders – especially in catering or catering, fashion or ready-to-wear stores.

High end finishes

Do you want to assert your message, charm and dazzle? So these are the finishes that will best suit your project.

The 3D varnish allows you for example to also request the touch for a sensory communication.

You can also mark the high end of your product or service by using gold or silver gilding .

We also offer PVC cards on a pearly pearl background , very feminine and bright. This finish is perfect for discreetly highlighting your luxury or well-being offer.

Additional options

The writing blank allows you to manually enter information on the card (the amount and period of validity of a gift voucher for example or the name and first name of its holder).

A round or oblong hole transforms your PVC card into a badge! You can also associate it with a neck strap so that your users can keep it close at hand.

The overlay (transparent protective sticker) will protect the PVC card, the photos and the data entered in the pen against humidity, dirt or friction.  

All businesses can find a use for the PVC card. You can use it to provide more rewarding support to your customers and set yourself apart from your competition.

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