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SEO or internet advertising for your business?

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SEO and online advertising participate at various levels in the growth of your internet business. We present to you the advantages of natural referencing and its limits that online advertising can overcome.

The benefits of SEO for your business

Search engine optimization for a business site is the most popular SEO strategy in web marketing.

Its popularity is mainly due to its many advantages:

Visibility to your future customers

Today, the Internet is the channel most used by consumers to find a professional, whatever their field.

With the help of SEO, you can be visible to consumers who need the services you offer .

In other words, SEO gives your business global and almost unlimited visibility.

It also allows craftsmen (plumber, heating engineer, florist, landscaper) and local traders to increase their local visibility. By optimizing their Google My Business page , they can be found by potential clients who are located near their area of ‚Äč‚Äčintervention. Ultimately, this allows them to generate in-store traffic and find new customers.

Strengthening the brand image and credibility of your business

By making you visible on the web, natural referencing helps to improve and increase your notoriety .

The brand image of your company is thus reinforced with prospects and customers.

Several studies have shown that Internet users trust websites that rank well in search engines (compared to other poorly ranked platforms). With good quality content and well positioned on Google, you stand out positively from the competition. You also establish yourself as a benchmark in your sector.

SEO also boosts the credibility of your business.

Improving the experience of your prospects

Optimizing the SEO of a website requires a lot of effort. You have to be able to create high value-added content that appeals to Google and Internet users .

It is also necessary to intervene on the following points:

  • The use of keywords (the chosen keywords must be relevant);
  • Netlinking;
  • The structure of the content (the structure must be clear and understandable);
  • Site loading time (it must be short).

All these optimization actions improve the user experience of your company’s website . However, it is the user experience that conditions the satisfaction of Internet users and customers.

Optimizing the natural referencing of your professional site is essential

Sustainable results for your business

With SEO optimization, the positions naturally acquired in search engines are often lasting.

When your page is well positioned by Google, it will remain so for a long time if certain criteria are met: regular update of existing content, addition of new articles, constant acquisition of backlinks … In addition, the traffic generated by SEO is regular (except in the event of a sharp drop in the volume of requests).

However, natural referencing has some limits (slow implementation, fragility vis-√†-vis Google updates …). Fortunately, online advertising can compensate for these flaws, especially with Google Ads.

Internet advertising: an essential strategy for finding customers

Advertising or paid referencing is an excellent complement to boost the profitability of your online business quickly and guaranteed.

Immediate results

As soon as you launch your campaign, your site is directly highlighted in search engines.

Unfortunately, SEO alone is not enough for a business that wants to generate sales.

In the world of digital marketing, internet advertising is a guarantee of speed and simplicity . Unlike SEO, you don’t have to wait several months for advertising to see results, especially through Google Ads.

In 48 hours, a successful ad or a new offer will reach all the desired targets.

Many companies therefore adopt this method to generate qualified traffic to their new website.

All you have to do is put together a solid and effective advertising campaign with the help of a communication and web agency.Quickly increase traffic to your business website

Increased visibility for your local business

Paid or sponsored referencing is based on the purchase of keywords and banners to position advertisements.

With this strategy, your website can appear on the first page of Google even on the most competitive queries in your industry .

This immediate gain in visibility is reflected in an increase in traffic.

Attention, to obtain significant results, you must manage your budget well, hence the importance of being accompanied.

Precise targeting of your prospects

Internet advertising allows you to refine your audience and reach a specific audience that needs your services.

For example, you can do local targeting to direct your ads to a specific geographic area .

Targeted only the area where you want to broadcast your anoonces.For example, if you are primarily targeting Toulouse consumers, you can configure your campaign so that your advertising links only appear for queries from that geographic area.

More sales for your business

People who click on an ad link are more likely to make a purchase , which is not always the case with people who come from an organic link.

By attracting targeted and qualified traffic to your website, you increase your conversions as well as your sales.

Great flexibility

The Internet advertising campaigns are very flexible. You have full control over:

  • The places where your ads will be displayed;
  • The display time slots;
  • The display language.

You can stop and restart your campaign at any time depending on your budget .

Detailed monitoring of results

Our agency provides you with many tools to help you monitor the performance of your advertising campaigns. These tools provide statistics and tracking data in real-time to better manage the referencing of your professional website.

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