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Shopify advantages and disadvantages

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An innovative idea born in America specifically in Canada that today is an excellent tool for e-commerce. What are we talking about? Well, nothing more and nothing less than Shopify , an easy-to-use digital ecommerce platform.

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But what is Shopify about? Simple, it is a platform that will guide you and help you create your own store on the web, based on what you want to sell. Whoever is going to use this platform does not need to have advanced knowledge or means in the area of ​​computer science.

A way to do e-commerce

Entering the world of electronic commerce as a supplier or seller and stop being just a consumer is a task that for some may seem complex and difficult, however Shopify offers those who want to promote and sell their products and / or services a way easy to create your own store.

It is done through a very wide range of different models, systems, templates and, most importantly, the site will always guide those who want to create something without even carrying a preconceived idea.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Shopify

  • Shopify is a secure site and that is one of the best and greatest advantages, however, sometimes many users and people who have not yet decided to use the platform believe that its cost is high.
  • It does not matter what time you use Shopify services, since their customer service always works at any time  24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the only “drawback” you may have is that those who only handle A language other than English will be a great language barrier because  the personalized customer service they offer is only in English.
  • Certain aspects of Shopify may seem inflexible when it comes to customizing them to the client’s taste, however, Shopify is very adaptable so this depends on perception
  • Time saving. The most important thing for many people is to be able to distribute the time in their different activities and Shopify is very fast when creating your platform.
  • It offers an international market, so if you want your product to reach other places in the world, you can do it. Shopify’s payment and currency gateway is extensive. In addition, its functions can be customized in different languages, which makes it accessible.
  • The price of the Shopify service can be a disadvantage , because there are other platforms that are free, but still do not have the support that Shopify has, in addition to its characteristics and the security and efficiency at the time of making payments. .
  • The Shopify service has different packages or business plans adjustable to your budget and that regardless of which one you choose, the experience of using the platform will always be the same, since the objective is to provide both the user and the client a service of The best quality.

Create an online store in Shopify

Perhaps you have already realized that there are more advantages than disadvantages and that is something very positive when choosing a service. Finally we want to mention how Shopify stores work .

This platform is used by various brands such as RedBull, textile industries and small merchants or micro businesses and that is something to consider. In Shopify you can market services such as delivery, Apps, products regardless of their form, among others.

One last recommendation for Shopify to make your business more effective is to take into account the level of demand for your product or service, whether physical or digital.

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