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The importance of design in an online store, key in your business

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The design is one aspect that presents a greater importance in the online arena, especially in e – commerce, where it is particularly important to provide confidence to the customer. However, it is not always given the importance that it really has.

Above the different currents that exist around the multiple market trends, the objective has to be clear: to manage to transfer the identity of a brand or a business to the digital field. And this, of course, is not always straightforward. Therefore, commissioning the design of the online store to a professional is key to achieving good results. 

The challenge of understanding the nature of the business

Integrating decisions at the design level into a global strategy that prints personality and transmits our philosophy is key to obtaining the maximum possible return. However, it is key in this regard to find what the needs of our public are. There is no general design from which good results can be derived without understanding the nature of the company. Therefore, we are faced with a notable challenge when it comes to guaranteeing the best formulas for our online store, which only a professional in the sector can solve. 

Through an advanced web design and completely adapted to our activity, we will ensure that our online store can fit perfectly with the needs of our audience. Therefore, it is essential to influence aspects such as the fact that our website transmits trust and security. At the same time, we also have to show that we are up to date on the latest market trends. To do this, finding a responsive formula that allows our website to adapt to all types of screens and devices will allow our customers to purchase our products or services from any device, without encountering any type of limitation. 

Knowing our audience

The design must be closely related to the usability that our online store presents. However, there is no pattern that meets the needs of all audiences equally . Therefore, it is important that before defining the design of our page we focus on the information we have about our audience. 

Depending on the target , the navigation may present differences. Knowing who we are addressing, we can create a website completely adapted and designed for a specific type of user. An aspect that will translate into a higher return and an increase not only in our visits, but also in our income.

What platform to use for our online store?

Today, there are many platforms to create an online store , and it is important to choose the one that can bring us the greatest benefits. If, for example, we do not want to know anything about the technical aspects that an ecommerce entails, we have platforms such as Shopify available, which for a monthly fee, we have everything we need to start selling.

If, on the other hand, we want to have total control of our ecommerce, and that, therefore, it is 100% our property, we can choose between some content managers that are specially developed for the creation of online stores . Among them, the most used and with the highest growth curve is WooCommerce, which takes advantage of all the advantages of WordPress to create a tool to make the management of an online store simple and intuitive.

Other content managers would be Prestashop or Magento, intended for more technical users, since their operation requires more advanced knowledge and not everyone will know how to squeeze their full potential.

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