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What is a web design and what are its characteristics

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It has surely happened to you that when you enter a website you simply do not want to continue browsing it, either because you do not understand its content due to its bad design, its usability is not optimal and you do not find what you were looking for, or simply the time Navigation is terrible and you better abandon it, this highlights the importance of web design for your company, a fundamental aspect for the success of digital objectives that many pass by because they do not have the necessary knowledge in this regard.

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We have spoken with Upidi, experts in professional web design and web positioning, and they have given us the main keys about what Web Design is, its characteristics, and why it is important for your company.

Website design refers to any activity related to web creation, planning, implementation, design and maintenance of a web page, whether created using programming languages ​​such as HTML or XML, or even adapting sites through an administration platform. content as a CMS like WordPress.

However, not only technical knowledge is enough to carry out a good design, since it implies other factors such as creativity, experience, and adaptability, in addition to that it must be adapted to the type of company that belongs, since the design of an eCommerce than that of a communication medium to that of a large corporation.

Thus, the success of business web pages is largely based on their design, and is as basic as the fact that users, with very few exceptions, tend to visit web sites that attract them visually, so it is Logical the statement that the more functional and attractive the design of your page, the better the result you will get.

How to design a web page

For the site to work properly and attract your target audience, it must meet some fundamental points , whatever the category or vertical of your business. These essential characteristics, which a web designer must take into account when developing a site are:

Loading speed

It will be useless to have the best site in history if the load is impossible to support, since if the loading time passes two seconds all the visitors will end up leaving it, even before it begins to be shown.

This is the first indispensable factor not only for a good user experience, but now it is also essential as part of the indexing of your website in Google.


Any website must be able to be displayed on both computers and mobile devices, without failures, without design errors, without missing information.

This is not only because the use of mobile devices has exploded in recent years, but because Google has begun to prioritize its mobile indexing .

Intuitive and attractive design

An image is worth a thousand words, and the website is a tangible example of it: on your website the first impression counts, since it represents your business, and if a user does not like what they see, it does not give them confidence or you can’t find the menus, you will sometimes quit without even seeing the content.

Your site should reflect the same professionalism as your company , and provide a good and enjoyable experience.

Clear and well structured content

In addition to the fact that the content must be attached to your business, clear, original and well explained, it must also have a structure delimited in paragraphs that are easy to consult , a typography that is easy to read and that fits with the rest of the design.

SEO optimized

The organic optimization of your website should no longer be an option but a necessity, since it will be this strategy that helps you start to attract potential customers, followers, or your target audience which you will be able to capture through search engines such as Google.

As you know, it is the first search results that get the highest number of visits, and if your website is not updated and optimized for SEO , it will not appear indexed and you will lose all those leads that you will surely have to search through paid means.

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