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What is Shopify and how does it work?

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Shopify is an ecommerce platform that allows its users the possibility of creating a virtual store with direct hosting in the cloud, it also offers a wide package of features and functionalities that allow the user a better experience when creating their business. electronic.

If you want to start a business or if you already have one, but want to expand your sales possibilities and reach many more people, creating a virtual store will be one of the best options to choose from.

How does shopify work?

This is a fairly intuitive and simple platform when creating your online store , first you must create a domain , which is short and related to your store, after that you must choose the plan you want to purchase, this can be monthly or annual , the minimum initial cost of the service is 29 euros.

Then you must choose a customization template and finally the functions and characteristics that you want your store to have, then you only have to customize your store and add the items you want to sell.

Shopify on Facebook

Shopify is designed for all types of users and it also allows you the possibility of selling your products on Facebook and thus being able to offer them to billions of people.

Allow your customers to access your sales catalog easily through the Facebook sales section.

This platform is designed for cell phones, since the vast majority of people who use Facebook access it from their mobiles, in addition to being a fairly easy platform to configure.

It also allows you easy communication with your customers through a personalized Messenger customer service chat, in addition to this system allowing the customer to see in real time the status of their order.

Purpose of shopify

As an ecommerce platform, the objective of Shopify is clear, to provide the user who creates the online store and the customer who buys in it the best possible experience when browsing it and that transactions are fast and secure.

The platform offers you a wide variety of customization themes to give your store the best possible appearance and make it attractive to your customers, this without the need to be a designer.

It also offers an integrated payment system known as Shopify Payments that allows you to accept credit cards without the need for third-party accounts, this makes a more secure and reliable transaction.

Ease of use of Shopify

The platform offers you to create an online store easily and quickly , guides you step by step in the creation process and allows you to configure the page and its design to your liking, it also offers you a direct host in the cloud so that an additional expense is not necessary by not having to hire an external hosting.

It also allows you the personal management of your store,  thanks to a simple interface so that you can access the management of your virtual store at any time and without problems, all this without the need to have programming knowledge, in addition to the fact that shopify offers you a monitoring system of your business, in order to know the sales statistics.

One of the most important features that Shopify offers is banking security, this is an important element for both the user and the client since the platform works with a security system similar to that of banks, so your information will always be there protected from any external agent.

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