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What you need to know before going online

by ghulammohd1 ghulammohd1

You may want to embark on the adventure of e-commerce to develop your business or to create your business. Surely you must have read a lot of things about it, some real and some less real, some that make you dream and some less. Here are some of the things you absolutely need to know before you start.

Creating an online store requires a real investment

First cold shower, an online store that costs you nothing is not a good idea, if it really exists because in most cases paid options are still needed.

You will tell me yes, of course as an agency that sells online stores, you are not going to tell us the opposite. But our goal here is not to say that you will only succeed with an online store created by us, our goal is to warn you against certain “magic” solutions that exist on the web.

First of all, if you want to ensure your independence and put all your chances of voting aside in the medium term, you must have your own domain name such as maboutique.com and not maboutique.monfournisseur.com or monfournisseur.com/ maboutique. Otherwise you will never be able to build an SEO strategy over time without remaining linked to your first provider.

A domain name with an attached hosting to host an online store, it pays and it is renewed every year.

Then, to have an online store, you will have to offer payment methods to your customers such as PayPal or your bank’s solution. On the one hand these organizations will be remunerated on the sales that you will make thanks to this means of payment, on the other hand for the payment solution of your bank to work on your site, you will have to use a module most of the time paying. And given the complexity of the installation and the issues behind it, we cannot recommend you enough to have it installed by a developer rather than attempting the adventure alone (I have in mind the example of a client who entrusted the management of its existing store to help it improve its sales and on which we noticed that

We will quickly go over the need for a design and ergonomics that inspire confidence and make you want to buy , as we have already mentioned in other articles.

Next, you will need to create your product sheets. It is perfectly possible not to spend € 1 for this. But you’re going to spend time on it (a lot of time if you want to do a good job) and your time is money too.

Starting an online store is not easy

You put your store online and there it is, you think you’re taking a break. Big mistake!

An online store (but this is also valid for a showcase site) is like an advertising campaign on television: broadcasting costs more than creating the medium .

Your customers won’t rush to your online store to buy your products on their own. You will have to work (invest) on natural referencing and advertising campaigns (AdWords, Facebook …). And you won’t be able to create your campaigns and then abandon them if you want good results, again you will have to devote time to them or pay a service provider to do it for you.

You have succeeded in attracting and convincing customers. There again, you will have to manage their orders, their questions, their dissatisfaction .

And then there are your competitors , just a few clicks away from your store, who will react to your arrival on their markets or simply continue to animate their store with promotions, price reductions, new products … their strategies and take them into account to adapt yours when necessary.

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